irispy.utils.wobble_movie(filelist: list, outdir: Union[str, pathlib.Path] = './', trim: bool = False, wobble_cadence: Optional[float] = 180, ffmpeg_path: Optional[Union[str, pathlib.Path]] = None, **kwargs) None[source]

Creates a wobble movie from a list of files.

This is designed to be used on IRIS Level 2 SJI data.

2832 is considered the best wavelength to use for wobble movies.


This requires FFMPEG to be installed and discoverable. If FFMPEG is not found, you can pass it as an argument called ffmpeg_path.

  • filelist (list) – Files to create a wobble movie from.

  • outdir (Union[str,Path], optional) – Location to save the movie(s). Defaults to the current working directory.

  • trim (bool, optional) – Movie is trimmed to include only area that has data in all frames, by default False

  • wobble_cadence (float, optional) – The cadence of the wobble movie in seconds. Defaults to 180 seconds.

  • ffmpeg_path (Union[str,Path], optional) – Path to FFMPEG executable, by default None. In theory you will not need to do this but matplotlib might not be able to find the ffmpeg exe.

  • **kwargs (dict, optional) – Keyword arguments to passed to FuncAnimation.


A list of the movies created.

Return type